Wonder Woman Corset Costume


Product Specifications:

  • External: Real Leather
  • Internal: Viscose Lining
  • Colors: Maroon
  • Back: Solid and Stylish Laced up fastening
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Wonder Woman Corset Costume

Wonder woman corset costume is super attractive. When you think of a princess, the immediate thought you get is of a woman. Who is very subtle and maybe someone who can easily suppressed. But Princess Diana of DC is nothing near to being weak. But is someone incredibly empowering and full of poise and grace. She can be an enemy’s worst nightmare and we love this fact about her.

Just how beautiful and unique she herself is, her costume is also exactly how bold and stunning she herself is. This corset is what we have tried recreating for you to try her look and feel the strength of her character.

This Wonder Woman Costume which can be a great choice for you in your cosplays is made carefully out of durable PU leather and is stitched with a comfy viscose fabric inside of it to keep you at uttermost comfort, ease and warmth. Maroon, black and yellowish golden in color, this Wonder Woman Corset has a padded design and a black all laced up. This off-shoulder and collarless attire can surely be your next go-to in your cosplays this year. This costume would be perfect for Halloween parties. You will look gorgeous from others.

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